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Workers' compensation


What We Can Do For You in Workers' Compensation

   At  Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire, we are committed to getting you the  compensation you deserve if you have suffered a work-related injury. We  have more than 25 years of experience in Workers' Compensation and Social Security Disability in  Denver and the surrounding parts of Colorado. We know what it takes to  see that your rights under workers’ comp law are observed. Our law firm has handled countless workers’ comp law cases. At Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire we know the insurance carriers, the adjusters, the administrative  judges, the lawyers who work for the opposition and everyone else  routinely involved in these matters. They know us. We know their  techniques. They know the lengths we will go to in order to get results  for you. Often, this leads to us resolving cases in an efficient, non  adversarial manner. If it does not, we will not hesitate to take your case to the next  level. You can be assured that your case will be thoroughly prepared to  withstand any challenge that the system or the opposition puts in our  path. We will bring your case into an administrative law hearing. We  will move forward to see that your needs are met. 

Timothy  works at a restaurant. He recently suffered a serious injury at work.  He reported the injury, and his employer sent him to a doctor. While  waiting in the doctor’s office, he thought he heard the doctor speaking  with his employer. He thought he heard the doctor say that there did not  appear to be any serious injury, but the doctor had yet to examine him.  A moment later, the doctor arrived. After a quick checkup, Timothy was  told that his injuries were minimal and that he could go back to work.  The injuries certainly did not feel minimal, but what can he do now? At Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire, we know exactly what steps Timothy should take next to get fair treatment.  

Our  dedication to workers’ comp law has allowed us to obtain more than 100  million dollars for injured workers. We are proud of our record for  success. We are proud that we have been able to help so many people  through challenging times in their lives. We want to do the same for  you.     

The Workers' Comp Process

      The  attorneys of Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire are available to assist at  all stages of the workers’ comp process. We know how important the money  provided by workers’ compensation is to maintain quality of life after a  serious work injury. Whether you are just starting the process or you  have already struggled forward unsuccessfully, we are here to help see  that your needs are met. Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire has stood beside injured workers for more than 25 years. In Denver and  the surrounding parts of Colorado, people turn to us to get them through  the process. Our commitment to standing beside our clients from start  to finish has earned us the title of Super Lawyers, as listed in 5280  Magazine. We are here to see that your rights are observed through every step of the workers’ comp process, including:   

  • Reporting your injury to your employer
  • The medical review of your injury
  • Your claim being denied or ignored by your employer
  • Appeals in front of an administrative law court and beyond

You  may be led to believe that your employer, their insurance company and  the insurance adjuster have your best interest in mind. That may not be  the case. However, you can rest assured that our work injury lawyers  have your best interest in mind every step of the way. 

 Jason  is a delivery driver. Recently, while doing his rounds, he was involved  in a car accident. He came out of the collision with an ankle injury,  which he reported immediately to his employer. While using crutches and  waiting for his ankle to heal, he developed pain in his lower back. This  secondary injury grew worse and worse. How does this additional injury  impact his workers’ comp claim? The attorneys of Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire are committed to making the workers’ comp process work for people like Jason.  

One-size-fits-all  guidance has no place in workers’ comp cases. Work injuries are  certainly not one-size-fits-all. They impact everyone differently. We  will take the time to learn about how your injury has had an impact on  you. The guidance we provide will be tailored to fit your needs.     

Your Workers' Compensation Rights

 Injured  workers have rights. At Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire, our attorneys are  committed to not only educating our clients about workers’ compensation  rights, but also to seeing that those rights are observed and  protected. If you or a loved one has suffered a workplace injury, we are  available to stand up for your rights. For more than 25 years, Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire has helped  people in Denver and the surrounding parts of Colorado. Our knowledge of  workers’ compensation rights and employer liability has helped us  obtain more than 100 million dollars in comp for people who have been  hurt on the job. When you choose us to handle your case, we will take the time to  educate you on the various rights you are entitled to under workers’  compensation law, including:   

  • The right to report your workplace injury to your employer and request that they file a general admission of liability
  • The right to be offered a choice between two doctors to review your injury
  • The right to seek compensation for accidents that took place at your job
  • The right to enlist an experienced lawyer at the very start to ensure that these and all of your other rights are protected

At  our law firm, we are committed to seeing that workers’ compensation  rights are observed by employers. We are willing to work hard to meet  that goal.  

Jessica  is an administrative assistant in an office. While walking to a meeting  recently, she tripped over a phone cord that was stretched across an  aisle. Her fall resulted in a broken leg with serious damage to her knee  and ankle. Despite the fact that she filed a report with her employer  as soon as possible, her requests for the observance of her workers’  compensation rights have been completely ignored. What is her next step? The lawyers of Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire work hard to see that  the comp insurance rights of people like Jessica are not ignored by  their employers.  

You  deserve an attorney who will be responsive to your needs. We believe in  remaining in contact throughout the process. We will keep you updated  on the status of your case. When you contact us, if we are not  immediately available, we will respond quickly.  

What Happens When a Claim is Denied?

 Many  legitimate workers’ comp claims result in denial. The process does not  have to stop there. At Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire, our lawyers will  take your case to the next level. We will make every effort to see that  you receive the workman’s compensation you need. If you or a loved one  has had your workers comp claim denied by the employer and their  insurance company, we can help. Since our establishment in 1982, Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire has made a commitment to helping injured people. Our law firm is made  up of leaders in the field of workers’ comp claims and appeals. Several  of our attorneys are former presidents or founders of important  organizations, including Professionals in Workers’ Compensation (PWC)  and the Workers’ Compensation Education Association (WCEA). A workers’ comp claim may be denied for many reasons. Some of the  reasons that employers and their insurance companies give for denials  are:   

  • The injury did not happen at work
  • The injury is the result of a preexisting condition
  • The injury is not severe enough

No  matter what the reason given, we will stand by your side to pursue  further action if you’ve had a workers comp claim denied. We will appeal  the decision and present your case in front of a judge. If necessary,  we will take your case as far as it needs to go to get the results that  are right for you.  

Paula  works in a warehouse. Recently, she was involved in a forklift  accident. She suffered a serious head injury. Her recovery was  surprisingly swift, but she soon found herself facing aftereffects that  were hard to deal with. She had trouble remembering things and became  easily confused. When she went to the workers’ comp claim doctor, he  said that memory loss happened to everybody. It had never happened to  her before the accident. What should she do? The attorneys of Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire can provide  experienced guidance about the steps that people like Paula should take  to get fair compensation.  

We  provide personal attention in every case. That means that you will  always talk to a lawyer. You will not be passed around to a paralegal, a  secretary or an investigator. You will get the legal support you  deserve. 

Wokers' Compensation for Minors

Are you an injured worker who is under 21 years old?

At  the Denver law offices of Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire, we have  represented the rights of injured workers since 1982. We are available  to help with workers’ compensation for minors and older workers, alike.  

Serving in Minor Workers’ Best Interests

According  to Colorado’s child labor laws, employees who are younger than 21 years  of age are considered minors. Often, these young people find themselves  working minimum wage jobs as they proceed through high school and  college. Though they play a valuable part in our economy, often the important  contributions of younger workers are not recognized. Further, if they  are injured in the course of employment, managers may dismiss their  claims and not extend the same employee rights as they would to a  working adult. Unless an injured minor worker knows to demand maximum workers’  compensation benefits, it is likely that employers and their insurers  will not voluntarily provide the highest level of benefits. This is  where a good attorney can make a significant difference in the outcome  of a workers’ compensation claim.  

Working on Behalf of Injured Workers

At  Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire, we understand the effect a workplace  injury can have on future employment prospects. We are committed to  protecting the rights of all employees, including those under 21 years  old. We invite you to choose our firm to work on your behalf to obtain  the full workers’ compensation or Social Security benefits to which you  are due.     

Understanding Workers' Compensation Law

At  Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire, we know that there are many  misconceptions about workers compensation law. We are committed to  cutting through the misconceptions. We are here to educate you about how  workman’s comp can benefit you. If you or a loved one is an injured  worker who has been hurt on the job, we are here for you. Since 1982, Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire has handled workers compensation law cases for people in Denver and the  surrounding parts of Colorado. We have helped countless injured workers  get the compensation they need to maintain their quality of life. Our help starts by clarifying any misunderstandings, including those related to:   

  • Why compensation law entitles injured workers to two-thirds of their pay
  • Caps on the amount of benefits available to an employee
  • Whether workers’ compensation law covers pain and suffering that resulted from an accident at work
  • Whether filing a workers’ compensation claim protects your job
  • What types of injuries qualify for workers’ compensation

We will provide you with the accurate information you need to make important decisions about your case.  

Tim  works for a large construction company. On a job recently, he was  involved in an accident and suffered a severe back injury. The injury  prevents him from being able to do the heavy-duty work he typically  does. The company advised him that they have an office job available,  but it pays significantly less than his previous position. Should he  accept the office job? The lawyers of Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire are dedicated to helping  people like Tim make the most appropriate decisions in situations like  these. 

 In  all our years of handling cases involving workers’ compensation law, we  have yet to see two cases that are exactly the same. We believe that  different cases should be handled differently. We will take the time to  get to know you. We will learn about your needs. The guidance we provide  will be customized to do what is right for you. 

Social Security Disability


What Can Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire Do For You in SS Disability?

The Denver  SSDI attorneys of Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire are committed to  getting people the SSDI or SSI benefits they need. We have more than 25  years of experience in helping people in Denver and the surrounding  parts of Colorado. We will put forth every effort to see that you get  the benefits you need to maintain your quality of life despite an injury  or illness that prevents you from working. Our success rate in SSDI means that we know what to do to get  results. We have helped countless people through the system. Our team  knows how to navigate through the seemingly endless amounts of red tape  and bureaucracy that stand between you and the benefits you need. Having handled these cases many times before, we understand what the  judges are looking for when we appeal an SSDI denial. We know their  specific habits, and we know the guidelines that they follow. At the  outset of your case, we will design a legal strategy with these things  in mind. We will gather medical records and testimony to strengthen your  case. TheDenver SSDI attorneys of Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire will present a strong case in an administrative law hearing. If we are  unable to get results there, we can stand by your side to pursue  additional steps. We are here to see that your rights under SSDI law are  observed. 

Tom  and Darla both work in the same field. They know each other through a  community organization. Recently, they both suffered serious injuries.  Darla’s was the result of being hit by a car while on a walk. Tom’s was  the result of falling from his roof while putting on new shingles. Darla  was surprised to find that her SSDI claim was denied while Tom’s was  accepted, despite the fact that the only real difference in their  situations is that Tom is 15 years older. Does Darla have any options? At Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire, we will not only help Darla  understand why she was initially denied, we will also help her  understand the additional action she can take. 

Our  attorneys are committed to SSDI law. We frequently lecture on the  topic, sharing our knowledge with a wide range of other professionals.  That is the level of understanding we bring to every case.

Difference Between SSDI and SSI

There  is a great deal of confusion between the Social Security  Administration’s two disability benefits programs: Social Security  Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). If  you have questions about the difference between SSDI and SSI and which  one makes the most sense in your case, you are not alone. At Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire, our lawyers have more than 30 years of experience providing Social Security Disability  guidance to people in the greater Denver area. We can answer your  questions and help you pursue benefits through the program that is right  for you.  

A Question Of Eligibility

The  key distinction between SSDI and SSI is eligibility. The first criteria  that must be met for both programs is that you must be disabled and  unable to work. To qualify for SSDI benefits, however, you must also  meet criteria related to your work history. To get SSDI benefits, you must have earned sufficient work credits  prior to becoming disabled. In other words, you must have worked for a  certain period of time and contributed a portion of your income to  Social Security. Only after earning the required amount of work credits  are you considered insured under SSDI and eligible for benefits. SSI, on the other hand, is considered a low-income program. You are  not required to have worked for any length of time prior to becoming  disabled. You will only be eligible for these benefits if you have  limited income and assets.  

Different Benefits

The  amount of benefits offered through SSDI and SSI also differs. The  amount of money you could receive in SSDI benefits is based on your  lifetime earnings. For most people, this is substantially more than is  offered in SSI benefits. The amount of money you could receive in SSI  benefits is set by law and could be impacted by other income you  receive. 

Your Social Security Disability Rights

Social  Security disability and Supplemental Security Income benefits exist to  help people who are unable to work due to illness or injury. You have  the right to use them. At Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire, we are  committed to seeing that your Social Security disability rights are  protected. We work hard to see that you get the benefits you need to  move forward with your life. At Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire, we have been helping people in Denver and the surrounding  parts of Colorado since 1982. When we take a case, we have every  intention of getting results. We work hard to see that your Social  Security disability rights are observed. That dedication has allowed us  to achieve an amazing success rate in cases involving SSDI and SSI  claims. The right to obtain Social Security disability benefits hinges on the  amount of time you have spent in the workforce. The time you have spent  in working translates into credits, which determine whether and how  much you can receive. Your right to receive Supplemental Security Income differs from your  Social Security disability rights. These benefits are more flexible and  do not necessarily require specific amounts of time spent in the  workforce. However, the benefits are often not as substantial as those  provided by SSDI. Our lawyers will work with you to see that you understand your rights under Social Security disability law. 

John  used to manage a warehouse. While working on his home, he fell from a  ladder and suffered serious injuries that prevent him from returning to  work. John went to a doctor who does disability evaluations. The doctor  agreed that John was disabled. However, after months of waiting, John’s  application for SSDI was declined. Is there anything he can do now? The lawyers of Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire can help people like  John see that their Social Security disability rights are observed. 

When  you choose us, you will get personal attention from an attorney who  cares about you. Whether you suffered a work injury, were a victim of a  car accident, or suffer from any other illness or injury that interferes  with your ability to work, we will stand by your side.

Supplemental Security Income

Defining Supplemental Security Income

Long-term  disability is a topic that most people do not think about until  confronted with the inability to work. Often, individuals have  maintained regular careers up until a specific point, such as a car  accident or workplace accident. When faced with the inability to work  regularly and subsequent loss of income, the prospects can seem  frightening.  The Social Security Administration operates two programs to provide disabled individuals with financial assistance: Social Security Disability  insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Though often  confused due to similarities, these programs are very different in  nature and in purpose. Both programs require proof of severe disability and the inability to  return to regular, full-time employment. However, Social Security  disability benefits are intended to provide financial assistance for  workers who have paid a sufficient amount of Social Security taxes.  Supplemental Security Income is intended to provide financial assistance  for lower-income individuals who do not have enough work credits to  qualify for SSDI benefits.   At Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire we represent the interests of those seeking financial benefits through either the SSDI or the SSI systems. Our legal team is able to answer questions, work with personal physicians and assist through every step of the filing process.      

What Happens to a Denied Disability Claim?

 Countless  Social Security Disability claims result in denials. That does not mean a  denied disability claim is not legitimate. You do not have to simply accept a  denial. The attorneys of Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire can stand by your  side to appeal the decision and help you get the benefits you need. If  you or a loved one has had a Social Security Disability claim denied, we  are here for you. Since 1982, the law firm of Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire has helped people who are unable to work due to injury or illness of  any sort. We are available to stand beside people in Denver and the  surrounding parts of Colorado. When you choose us, you can be assured  that you will have an experienced attorney by your side from start to  finish. Your case will not be passed around the office. We will be here  for you when you need us. The Social Security Administration (SSA) may give a wide range of reasons for denial of an SSDI or SSI claim, including:   

  • Injury or illness does not meet their criteria for a disability
  • Not enough work credits
  • Insufficient medical evidence of disability

No  matter what reason was given to you for your denied SSD claim, we can  help. We will put forth every effort to see that your rights are  observed and you get what you deserve.  

How Do I Appeal A Denied Disability Claim?

Understanding  why your claim was denied is the first step to appealing the SSA’s  decision. The next step involves making sure the information presented  to the SSA is as thorough and detailed as possible. Our attorneys have in-depth research and writing skills: key elements  in any appeal process. We make sure our clients’ paperwork is complete  and accurate and the evidence they used to support the claim does  exactly that. We review the filing process to make sure deadlines were  met and will be met during the appeal. Perhaps most importantly, we  investigate the details surrounding our clients’ medical conditions by  speaking with medical professionals, occupational experts and financial  analysts who can provide insight into the full scope of our clients’  needs. In many cases, compounding factors like one disability that coincides  another impairment are what make the difference between an accepted and  denied claim. We can make sure no key information goes overlooked.  

Due  to an injury sustained in a serious truck accident, Harlan was no  longer able to continue working at his job as a roofer. He sent in a  Social Security Disability claim and was denied. A few months later, he  found out he could appeal the decision. He was told that the 60 days he  had to appeal had expired, and he now needed to start all over again. In  the meantime, he is having difficulty paying his bills. What should he  do now? The attorneys of Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire take great care to  ensure that important deadlines are met in cases like Harlan’s. We know  what to do after SSDI claims denials.  

Our  team’s hard work in Social Security Disability claims cases has earned  us a 90 percent success rate for our clients. We want to make you one of  our successes. 

Understanding Colorado Social Security Law

Many  misunderstandings exist about Colorado Social Security law and the  rights they provide. At Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire, our attorneys are  committed to cutting through those misunderstandings. We are here to  educate you about how SSDI or SSI can benefit you. If you or a loved one  is unable to work due to a serious illness or injury, we are ready to  help. Since our establishment in 1982, Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire has made a commitment to helping people get the benefits they need to  maintain their quality of life. Our experienced lawyers are available to  help people in Denver and the surrounding parts of Colorado. The help we provide starts by providing you the information you need  to understand Colorado Social Security law. We will clarify common  misunderstandings, including those related to:   

  • What the Social Security Administration considers a disability
  • The difference between SSDI and SSI
  • The relationship between a person’s age and their ability to get SSDI or SSI
  • What documentation the Social Security Administration needs to see in order to provide SSDI or SSI
  • How Medicare and Medicaid relate to SSDI and SSI
  • Whether SSDI or SSI is based on a person’s  ability to continue in the current line of work or on the ability to  obtain an alternate form of employment

We will provide you with the knowledge you need to make educated decisions as we move forward with your case.  

Tina  used to work as an electrician. Recently, she lost the use of her legs  in a car accident. She is no longer able to pursue the line of work she  has done for the last decade. Her application for benefits was denied.  She was told that the information provided does not indicate that she is  unable to pursue a job in an alternate field. Can she still obtain  benefits under Colorado Social Security law? The lawyers of Sullivan Sullivan and McGuire are dedicated to helping  people like Tina get the answers they need to understand SSDI and SSI.  

You  deserve personal attention. We are prepared to provide it. At the  outset of your case, we will learn about how your injury or illness has  had an impact on your life and your ability to work. We will learn about  your goals. As we move forward, we will only move in the direction that  is right for you.